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Elsa’s Story. Chapter 41.


Elsa’s Story. Chapter 40.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 39.


Elsa’s Story. Chapter 38.


The streetdog is quickly transforming into a couch potatoe❤️



Elsa’s Story. Chapter 37. 

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 36.

I hope my furlings have a wonderful life. ❤

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 35.

Today Elsa has been at the physio terapy (rehab) to strenghten her hind legs and the lower part of the back. She wasn’t so interested today to walk the treadmill, and even less interested when the water came…With lots of encouragement and treats she finally walked.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 34.


Elsa’s Story. Chapter 33.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 32.

Today I’ve been super busy fixing the apartment I own, in which my oldest daughter used to in until now.  She moved out yesterday and next week two students from …Turkey are moving in for one semester. I wonder if my little Turkish girl still understands their language? This evening we also welcomed Gwendolyne from France who is staying for a semester in our house. Elsa liked her a lot I could tell. Her friend is coming on Monday. Many hands=lots of cuddle!