Elsa’s Story. Chapter 24.

Today Elsa has trained a lot. Early in the morning she swam. I can tell her left hind leg isn’t working as well as her right hind leg. In our garden she “climbed the ladder” – well, it was in horizontal position. We do this exercise several times a day. I also managed to film the welcome committee today. I got the same greetings as I got yesterday by the gate from my pack.

In the evening my friend Linda came by with her male dog Laban and her new dog Irina. Actually Irina is her fosterdog from Spain. That was a great surprise. We took a long – but slowly – walk around the lake and Elsa got her second swim today. Now she moved her left hind leg much better. Yes! The walk took 2 hours and now Elsa has crashed on the sofa.

About Hundochkatter

Owner of two beautiful border collies, Embla born 2005 and Eddie born 2008 and Elsa, a streetdog from Turkey, born 2014.

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  1. Amanda lundberg

    Hej! Det var mig och min kompis som du träffade på byttorpssjön när du skulle bada Elsa, jag hållde i Eddie. Om du är intresserad av att få hjälp med rastning el liknande så kan du mejla mig på : amandaefremovs@live.se
    Mvh Amanda Lundberg


  2. Hej Amanda! Tusen tack för hjälpen! Jag ska komma ihåg ditt erbjudande om jag behöver hjälp med rastningen. Kram Ewa


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