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Elsa’s Story. Chapter 10.


Today we went to the vet! The insurance company wanted a declaration of health and Eddie, my border collie male, needed a shot to be transformed from an A-male into an E-mail ;). Since Elsa has shown signs of being an Alfa-female it doesn’t work to have both an Alfa-male and an Alfa-female. And it’s I who am the Alfa-female!

Anyway, at first the vet found a chip number that didn’t correspond to the chip number in Elsa’s paper!


A quick message to Rima who immediately answered. THANKS! It turned out that many street dogs in Turkey are chipped by the community and she’s also got a new chip when He’art of Rescue saved her. After a thorough search following Rima’s instruction we found the correct number. The vet also recommended to give Elsa painkillers since she is in pain. A few hours late she ran up and down the stairs!


Have you ever heard of Swedish bloodpudding? Or Blackpudding? It’s a typical traditional Swedish dish made of blood and some other ingredients. Disgusting in my opinion since I at school were forced to eat it when I was a kid. (School lunches are free in Sweden). That’s one of the reasons why I’m a vegetarian.  BUT, my dogs love it! I slice it with a cheese slicer and dry the slices in the oven, 75 C for two hours. image image

image image image image image image image

Mom’s left over! Yummi!


Elsa’s Story. Chapter 9.

Elsa tries to hide her food. Is it because she in her previous life in Turkey had to watch and protect the food she managed to find? Elsa, you are safe now, you can have as much food as you like.

A longer version:

At the Boot Camp:

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 8.

Update! Believe it or not! Elsa’s waist has increased from 41cm to 48 cm in just a few days! And she just run 20 meters! 👏👏🎉


When I woke up this morning I saw that Elsa had moved from her big bed to Embla’s bed which is much smaller and not so comfortable. Any of my dogs seem to like the big one? Why?😉

Later in the morning a friend came to visit us – or Elsa. She thought Elsa was so sweet. We took a medium long walk in the rain. ☔️

In the afternoon we finally got some  sun. Suddenly Elsa disappered, but I found her laying in front of the entrance door on the hard steps. I fetched her fluffy blankets and she looked so thankful when I came with them. She stood up and as soon as I put them under her sha lay down again.She soon got company😍

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 7.

Can you believe it? Today it’s a week since Elsa arrived! I have made a lot of phone calls today and booked water therapy at the nearby Animal Hospital “Blå Stjärnan”. I almost grew up there from the age of 10-14. I spend almost every weekend there and helped cleaning the cages and walking the dogs. Sometimes I was the luckiest and happiest girl in the world when the vets asked me to hold a dog or a cat that needed to be examined by them. I have also called the insurance company for dogs. I got 15% off since I have 3 dogs now. Elsa’s chip has also been registered. On Friday we have an appointment with an other vet to have her examined for the insurance. My brother, who is one of the best osteopaths in the West part of Sweden (at least) is coming over tomorrow to start laser treatment on her back. Later on we will also start to use his vibration plate that will do good to her non-existent muscles. When I tried it I couldn’t walk the next day. My entire body ached with sore muscles.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 6 <— Click here to see the film.

Today is the sixth day we have Elsa with us. She’s amazing. So sweet, so gentle – until food is around. Just like our Eddie, but we will work it out. From day to day we can see small signs of improvement. I don’t think she will be 100 % recovered, but I’m sure she will be so much better. Yesterday I saw her invite our border collie Embla to play, and today she climbed from the trunk of the car all the way to the driver’s seat and she had to pass a net behind the back seats. I got so happy when I saw her sitting in the front seat, just like my Embla always does as soon as I leave the car. ❤

Today Embla, Eddie, Elsa, I and a girl (refugee from Eritrea) that I’m responsible for (I call myself her “paper mom”) walked around a lake. Embla took a short swim with Elsa who was hooked up to Embla’s collar. I’m so amazed how much Embla takes care of Elsa. She act likes she’s a therapy dog to Elsa. I’m so proud of her.

Elsa’s story. Chapter 5. <— Click here!


Elsa’s story. Chapter 4.


Elsa’s story. Chapter 3

Today we woke up quite early. Elsa had slept all through the night,but she had removed her diaper. Breakfast was served outdoors since my male dog Eddie is a little bit protective over his food. I won’t say he’s food aggressive, but he wants all food to himself. Elsa is also a little bit protective over her food, but who wouldn’t if you have been forced to live your life in the streets?

Elsa being brushed for the first time. Ever?


Being spoilt. ❤

Today we and our German guest Sarah went on a short trip to Ulricehamn. It was pretty windy walking by the lake, but it didn’t stop Embla, Eddie and Elsa from playing in the water. Well. Elsa didn’t play, she had to do some rehab. She had to swim poor thing in the cold water, but she didn’t seem to mind that much.

image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image image


Afterwards we went to a café and had some ice cream, even the dogs of course.


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image image


When we came home again we gave Elsa a thorough brush to fix her tangled coat. A hair brush wasn’t enough, we needed to use a pair of scissors to get rid of all tangled hair. You can’t imagine how patient she was this little girl. Afterwards the most amazing thing happened – she invited Embla to play! That was so good to see!




Elsa’s story. Chapter 2

Elsa slept in her dog bed in our bedroom all night. We didn’t hear a sound from her. She’s so quiet! She seems to love her bed. I guess this is her first soft bed and with her bed wounds it must be so m uch nicer to sleep in a soft bed.

What else has happened to day? We drove Rima Nur, the founder of He’art of Rescue, to the airport. It was so sad to say good bye. Before Rima left we took this picture at the airport:


Thank you Rima for this precious gift! ❤


Even if Elsa is skinny, the “dog” to the left is skinnier. 😉


Since Elis incontinent due to her horrific “accident” in Istanbul, she can’t help that she can’t hold herself. On our way from the airport we had to stay to walk Elsa. She needed to go to the bathroom we could smell inside the car.


She’s so skinny because she has got no muscels. She needs a lot of rehab, but she also needs to be a happy dog.


I like it here. I don’t want to leave!

image image image image image image image






Elsa’s story begins. Chapter 1.

Elsa’s story begins some years ago in the streets of Istanbul. It may be two years ago, but it may also be three years ago. No one knows, not even Elsa. She was born in the streets and has never had a home, a place to call her home. Sometimes she gets food from the neighbourhood people, but she is always hungry.

One night the “accident” happens that will forever change her life. Some young men run over Elsa on purpose with a car. Not once, but several times. They leave her laying there in the street paralyzed, with a broken spine and a broken right front leg and several bleeding wounds. She has never been given love, not until a local rescuer brings her to He’art of Rescue.

A veterinarian at the clinic says after x-rays are taken that she can’t be saved, but Rima Nur the founder of He’art of Rescue, sends the x-ray picture to a friend in Spain who takes the pictures to a clinic in Valencia, Spain. The vets say it is operable. Very soon Elsa is taken to the clinic and they make two operations on her. The lower part of the spine was chattered, and her sacrum as well. The operations are quite successful and Elsa is now starting a new chapter in her life.

This is her story before she came to us:



Just landed at Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg 22nd of July, 2015.

image image image image image image image