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Elsa’s Story. Chapter 350.💕💕

image350 days with this precious little girl. She used to live as a straydog on the streets of Istanbul. She was run over twice by some guys – just for fun. Severely damaged she was left to die, but luckily she was taken to a shelter until He’art of Rescue pulled her in and flew her to Spain. Two operations later and some rehab so she could learn how to walk again she was adopted by us. She’s a darling and we love her so much. She makes me laugh every day.❤️❤️

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 177.

When you are at your regularly check up at the vet’s in Gothenburg, it’s good to have your sis with you.

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Elsa’s Story. Chapter 144.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 143.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 119.

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 105.

Elsa is so lucky to have her own PT – Embla!

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 38.


The streetdog is quickly transforming into a couch potatoe❤️



Elsa’s Story. Chapter 37. 

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 36.

I hope my furlings have a wonderful life. ❤

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 27.

We have an issue Elsa and I. She needs to cut her nails, but she doesn’t want to…