Elsa’s Story. Chapter 6

http://www.magisto.com/embed/M08eKV9UQWk6A0VnCzE?l=vem&o=w&c=b <— Click here to see the film.

Today is the sixth day we have Elsa with us. She’s amazing. So sweet, so gentle – until food is around. Just like our Eddie, but we will work it out. From day to day we can see small signs of improvement. I don’t think she will be 100 % recovered, but I’m sure she will be so much better. Yesterday I saw her invite our border collie Embla to play, and today she climbed from the trunk of the car all the way to the driver’s seat and she had to pass a net behind the back seats. I got so happy when I saw her sitting in the front seat, just like my Embla always does as soon as I leave the car. ❤

Today Embla, Eddie, Elsa, I and a girl (refugee from Eritrea) that I’m responsible for (I call myself her “paper mom”) walked around a lake. Embla took a short swim with Elsa who was hooked up to Embla’s collar. I’m so amazed how much Embla takes care of Elsa. She act likes she’s a therapy dog to Elsa. I’m so proud of her.

About Hundochkatter

Owner of two beautiful border collies, Embla born 2005 and Eddie born 2008 and Elsa, a streetdog from Turkey, born 2014.

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  1. It’s amazing how Embla seems to care so much for Elsa and the incredible role she is playing in her recovery! What a rewarding thing as to witness small changes on Elsa’s state! You take care of dogs in distress as well as human beings in the same state! You sure my dear Ewa are a guardian angel with a big heart! Kisses and best wishes to the whole household!!! Cheers Naïma.


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