Daily Archives: July 23, 2015

Elsa’s story. Chapter 2

Elsa slept in her dog bed in our bedroom all night. We didn’t hear a sound from her. She’s so quiet! She seems to love her bed. I guess this is her first soft bed and with her bed wounds it must be so m uch nicer to sleep in a soft bed.

What else has happened to day? We drove Rima Nur, the founder of He’art of Rescue, to the airport. It was so sad to say good bye. Before Rima left we took this picture at the airport:


Thank you Rima for this precious gift! ❤


Even if Elsa is skinny, the “dog” to the left is skinnier. 😉


Since Elis incontinent due to her horrific “accident” in Istanbul, she can’t help that she can’t hold herself. On our way from the airport we had to stay to walk Elsa. She needed to go to the bathroom we could smell inside the car.


She’s so skinny because she has got no muscels. She needs a lot of rehab, but she also needs to be a happy dog.


I like it here. I don’t want to leave!

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