Daily Archives: July 29, 2015

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 8.

Update! Believe it or not! Elsa’s waist has increased from 41cm to 48 cm in just a few days! And she just run 20 meters! 👏👏🎉


When I woke up this morning I saw that Elsa had moved from her big bed to Embla’s bed which is much smaller and not so comfortable. Any of my dogs seem to like the big one? Why?😉

Later in the morning a friend came to visit us – or Elsa. She thought Elsa was so sweet. We took a medium long walk in the rain. ☔️

In the afternoon we finally got some  sun. Suddenly Elsa disappered, but I found her laying in front of the entrance door on the hard steps. I fetched her fluffy blankets and she looked so thankful when I came with them. She stood up and as soon as I put them under her sha lay down again.She soon got company😍