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Elsa’s Story. Chapter 10.


Today we went to the vet! The insurance company wanted a declaration of health and Eddie, my border collie male, needed a shot to be transformed from an A-male into an E-mail ;). Since Elsa has shown signs of being an Alfa-female it doesn’t work to have both an Alfa-male and an Alfa-female. And it’s I who am the Alfa-female!

Anyway, at first the vet found a chip number that didn’t correspond to the chip number in Elsa’s paper!


A quick message to Rima who immediately answered. THANKS! It turned out that many street dogs in Turkey are chipped by the community and she’s also got a new chip when He’art of Rescue saved her. After a thorough search following Rima’s instruction we found the correct number. The vet also recommended to give Elsa painkillers since she is in pain. A few hours late she ran up and down the stairs!


Have you ever heard of Swedish bloodpudding? Or Blackpudding? It’s a typical traditional Swedish dish made of blood and some other ingredients. Disgusting in my opinion since I at school were forced to eat it when I was a kid. (School lunches are free in Sweden). That’s one of the reasons why I’m a vegetarian.  BUT, my dogs love it! I slice it with a cheese slicer and dry the slices in the oven, 75 C for two hours. image image

image image image image image image image

Mom’s left over! Yummi!