Daily Archives: July 28, 2015

Elsa’s Story. Chapter 7.

Can you believe it? Today it’s a week since Elsa arrived! I have made a lot of phone calls today and booked water therapy at the nearby Animal Hospital “Blå Stjärnan”. I almost grew up there from the age of 10-14. I spend almost every weekend there and helped cleaning the cages and walking the dogs. Sometimes I was the luckiest and happiest girl in the world when the vets asked me to hold a dog or a cat that needed to be examined by them. I have also called the insurance company for dogs. I got 15% off since I have 3 dogs now. Elsa’s chip has also been registered. On Friday we have an appointment with an other vet to have her examined for the insurance. My brother, who is one of the best osteopaths in the West part of Sweden (at least) is coming over tomorrow to start laser treatment on her back. Later on we will also start to use his vibration plate that will do good to her non-existent muscles. When I tried it I couldn’t walk the next day. My entire body ached with sore muscles.