Elsa’s story begins. Chapter 1.

Elsa’s story begins some years ago in the streets of Istanbul. It may be two years ago, but it may also be three years ago. No one knows, not even Elsa. She was born in the streets and has never had a home, a place to call her home. Sometimes she gets food from the neighbourhood people, but she is always hungry.

One night the “accident” happens that will forever change her life. Some young men run over Elsa on purpose with a car. Not once, but several times. They leave her laying there in the street paralyzed, with a broken spine and a broken right front leg and several bleeding wounds. She has never been given love, not until a local rescuer brings her to He’art of Rescue.

A veterinarian at the clinic says after x-rays are taken that she can’t be saved, but Rima Nur the founder of He’art of Rescue, sends the x-ray picture to a friend in Spain who takes the pictures to a clinic in Valencia, Spain. The vets say it is operable. Very soon Elsa is taken to the clinic and they make two operations on her. The lower part of the spine was chattered, and her sacrum as well. The operations are quite successful and Elsa is now starting a new chapter in her life.

This is her story before she came to us: http://emblaandeddie.com/2015/06/21/soon-very-soon/



Just landed at Landvetter Airport, Gothenburg 22nd of July, 2015.

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About Hundochkatter

Owner of two beautiful border collies, Embla born 2005 and Eddie born 2008 and Elsa, a streetdog from Turkey, born 2014.

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  1. Gunilla Gremner Carlsson

    Så fin hon är, jag blir helt tårögd när jag läser om hur hemskt hon måste ha haft det lilla tjejen men också tårar av glädje över att hon haft sådan tur som “hittat” sin nya flock, ett eget tryggt hem där hon får mycket KÄRLEK ❤ Jag är verkligen glad för hennes och er skull.


    • Tack Gunilla. Det kommer att bli en tuff resa, båda för Elsa men och för oss. Hon är inkontinent pga den nervskada hon fick när hon blev överkörd och gör både det ena och det andra inomhus ibland. Idag har vi köpt blöjor som hon får ha på sig inomhus. Hon är en helt underbar liten tjej och kommer att bli så vacker den dag hennes päls växt ut. Just nu är hon rakad på halva kroppen och ser lite rolig ut. Hennes bakben är så spinkiga eftersom hon inte har några muskler där. Hon kommer att behöva massor av rehab, mat och kärlek.


  2. Naïma Benaïssa

    My dear Eva, Thank you so much for making this blog about Elsa happen because we could get fresh news about her as we were very horrified about what happened to her in Turkey and also because it could open the eyes and the hearts of others about all the poor and innocent animals in the world that are in distress. I think it is such a confort to witness that hearty people like you exist as you are the very thing that defines a human being to me, i.e., the compassion he or she could have when facing suffering! I am also so happy to see that my dear Elsa is making so much progress during her physiotherapy. She had suffered enough and too much and now it is so great to see her begin a new chapter of her life surrounding by love and care. I send you a lot of kisses and will share every chapter of her story on my facebook page every week. I’ve already begun by sharing her first chapter last week. Take care Naïma!!!


    • Thank you Naima for your kind words. Yes, it’s my intention to open the eyes of people and also to help He’art of Rescue in their work with abused animals.The more people who adopt, the more dogs/cats can HoR help. It’s special to be involved irl…not only through the screen of my computer. Hugs! Ewa


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