Elsa’s story. Chapter 4.


About Hundochkatter

Owner of two beautiful border collies, Embla born 2005 and Eddie born 2008 and Elsa, a streetdog from Turkey, born 2014.

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  1. It is so good to see Chica walking like this. She will have a wonderful life with you!


  2. 🙂 Is she in chronic pain for life or is it temporary?

    Was also wondering why there appears to be no muscle mass by hind legs.was she malnourished before?


    • Thank you Julie for asking. I hope not Elsa’s in cronic pain for life. She was injured on February 25t when a car ran over her twice on purpose. They left her laying on the street paralysed since her spine was shattered and a front leg was broken. After she was rescued, He’art of Rescue took her to Spain since the Turkish vets couldn’t manage her injuries. In Spain she had two operations and also got water therapy. She is not fully recovered yet and due to being paralysed for several months her hind legs muscles are almost non existant. We are working hard, I and one of my border collies work carefully to exercise her so her muscles will return – and they are. We can already see that her muscles are coming back, but it’s along way to go. Next week her water therapy begins. We have very good rehab facilities for dogs in my hometown. I hope the pain is just temporary, but meanwhile she’s on painkillers since a couple of days. Unfortunately her stomach doesn’t seem to cope with the medicine…I woke up this morning and she had had the worst of diarreha – my poor sweatheart. So today she was just allowed to drink water and take some paste with healty bacteria to help her recover. Late this evening she got fish and rice. Regards Ewa


  3. Keep going my dear and sweet Elsa! We’re all with you in this long and slow recovery process! Thank you dear Ewa for sharing every step of it and I hope the pains she experienced will soon disappear or at least be more bearable!!! Kisses! Naïma


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